Movers Melbourne – Where do you get cartons for moving?

movers melbourne - cartons for moving

Movers Melbourne – Every move starts with packing, and every packing starts with cartons. But the question is – where do you get cartons for moving?
So what is the answer? Is it easy to find moving boxes? That’s enough? Is it better to buy? Can I get a good amount for free? The answer is that everything is true, but it depends on your personal needs and preference.

Where To Get Packaging for Moving

1. Stores that supply cartons for a fee

A quick Google search will bring up stores, people and companies that supply cartons of all sizes and all types, and in any quantity you need. The advantage is that you can get new and unused cartons, ones that are adapted to your personal needs in terms of size and strength, and of course there is no limit to the quantity. The downside is that you will have to pay for these cartons.

2. Find & Collect Cartons & Packaging Yourself

If you want to simply go out and collect cartons yourself and for free, you can do so at the Cartonia nearest to your home, which you will find near shopping malls, supermarkets and supermarkets. The big disadvantage here is that there is a limit on the amount of cartons you can collect and it is not certain that it will be enough for you to pack the whole house, and in addition, of course, there is a disadvantage in the act of collecting and collecting the cartons, which requires time and effort. Beyond that, these are used cartons that will not always be in good condition, or those that do not match the things you want to store in them. For example, if you found a carton where all the cartons are big and thin, it will not help you to pack the bookshelf. And the advantage? If you are a young couple without many items to pack, this can be enough for you, and of course, the cartons are free.

3. Receiving cartons from the carrier

The carrier can provide you with packing cartons that will be both in good condition and for free, and quite a few carriers do this before moving the apartment. When you choose a carrier to carry out the transport for you, add the cartons as a parameter by which you will choose the carrier. If you have come across two excellent carriers at a similar price, one of which provides cartons and one does not – here is the answer to which one to choose.

After you found/received/bought cartons, here are some tips for using them:

1. Each packaging carton has its purpose

In order to make life difficult for the carriers and to protect your equipment, you should adjust the load of the items to the cartons. Large, thin cartons will be good for light things like clothes, blankets, bedding, etc. In contrast, the small and thick cartons will be good for heavier things like books for example. Another type of cartons are double walled cartons, these will be good for packing fragile things.

2. Do not overload the cartons

Even if you have the feeling that the carriers can carry any weight on their backs, do not pack too heavy cartons because they will simply tear and it’s a shame. Pack a reasonable weight in each carton, such that the carton can carry.

3. Do not leave spaces inside the cartons

During the apartment move, there is a lot of movement and movement and any such movement can affect the objects you packed inside the carton. If there is a space between the objects inside the cartons, they will simply bump into each other and get dents and cracks. Therefore, make sure not to leave spaces between the items.

4. Pack fragile boxes correctly

Be sure to pack the fragile ones when you line the bottom with a towel, cloth. And how to pack cups and plates? For this, it is recommended to use special packing paper, which you can also get from the carrier.


Melbourne, one of Australia’s largest and most bustling cities, offers a vast array of professional moving services catering to residential and commercial moves. The city’s removalists are renowned for their expertise, ensuring activities are executed efficiently and safely. Many of these companies assist in the physical movement of belongings and offer expert advice on packing, storage solutions, and even transit insurance. When looking for cartons or packing materials in Melbourne, these removalist companies often partner with suppliers, ensuring you receive quality materials tailored to your moving needs. Their deep understanding of the city’s layout, traffic patterns, and building regulations sets Melbourne’s removalists apart. So, when considering moving in Melbourne, it’s wise to engage with a local removalist such as Top Removals who can provide a comprehensive service, from supplying cartons to ensuring a smooth moving day.

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