Terms & Conditions

  1.  Our prices include GST.
  2. Based on the information you provided as to what is required to be moved and where it needs to go, we will estimate which vehicle to use, and how long it might take. This is an estimation only. The list that you give us at booking is a guide to what we are expecting to move on the day, not an itemised inventory.
  3.  We provide a door-to-door service. The hourly rate starts once we arrive at the client’s first address and stops when the unload is complete at the final address. All removals are a minimum of 2 hours. After this, we charge per minute (hourly rate calculated pro rata). Our “travel time” is an additional one-off charge to get to the starting suburb before the job, and away from the end suburb after we finish working (including fuel, tolls, labor etc.) We will advise the travel time when you book.
  4. Each truck is fully equipped with free-of-charge materials: specialised removal blankets, cardboard, specialised trolley, removal carrying straps, loading ramps, and basic tools to assemble/dismantle goods. Additional materials can be purchased from either the office directly, or from the removalists upon request; these include: bubble wrap, shrink wrap, tape, boxes etc.
  5. We will park anywhere safe you ask us to, except in a clearway. If the parking space is not legal, you can ask us to find a legal spot further away. Any parking fees we pay or infringements we receive will be added to the cost of the job. All our vehicles are eligible to use Loading Zones, however, time limits always apply.
  6. Although every professional attempt to move items will be carried out as directed by the client, we reserve the right to refuse service at any point.
  7. The client, or the client’s representative, must always be present during the move. The client must show us everything required to be moved and must check that nothing extra is taken, or items missed.
  8. We require full payment on the day of the service. The client has the choice to pay either cash, bank transfer or Visa/Mastercard (2.5% surcharge for paying with a card). If you are unable to pay for your job on completion, we may need to keep some of your goods as security until payment is made. In that case, there will be a charge to store and/or re-deliver those items, or you can collect them from our depot.
  9. We do not charge any extra for using stairs or elevators.
  10. Any extra-large item must be notified to the office prior to the move, with full descriptions and pictures of the item (I.e.: piano, pool table, gym equipment, etc.). Heavy surcharges may apply for specific items.
  11. Goods in transit have up to $50,000 insurance coverage and Public liability up to $1,000,000 coverage.
  12. Damage – We will only be liable for loss or damages resulting from our negligence, and in any event that liability will be limited to $1000 per item.
  13.  Insurance will cover: Repairing the damage as close as possible to its original condition or Replacement if a repair cannot be performed or Compensation if not repairable, up to the pre-damage market value of the item. Where a replacement or compensation is offered, this is not a “new for old” service. The evaluation will consider the item’s age, depreciation, and wear and tear. If there is a dispute regarding the evaluation of an item, it will be assessed by an independent licensed auctioneer, or a person nominated by our insurance company.
  14. $250 excess fee applies if any damage to the client’s goods and property needs to be fixed or replaced by Top Removals. Most companies charge extra for the insurance when doing the job and if nothing happens they won’t refund the unused amount. We charge the excess only if anything happens and the customer is willing to make a claim.
  15. Insurance will only apply if the client, or a representative of the client, is present throughout the duration of the move.
  16. Insurance applies only when items are professionally protected. Insurance will not apply in any case where the customer refuses the professional recommendation as to the safest way of transporting your items.
  17. Insurance will not cover damaged items inside the boxes unless Top Removals were responsible for the packing service.
  18. Our employees are professional removalists but not professional plumbers, handymen, or electricians. We offer Dismantling and reassembling service as a courtesy and wish to advise the client that we are not qualified in this field and accept no liability for any loss and/or damage and/or delay resulting from our attempt to dismantle or reassemble any item.
  19. Damage to goods of inherent risk. Certain goods (including but not limited to plants, pot plants, Furniture designed to be flat packed or made of pressed wood such as IKEA or similar, certain musical instruments and artwork) are inherently susceptible to suffer damage or disorder being moved no matter how carefully they are handled therefore we will not be liable in respect of these items.
  20. Insurance does not cover television or computer equipment not packed in their original box.
  21. Insurance does not cover any stone, including marble, concrete, granite, composite or similar items due to their inherent fragility.
  22. Insurance does not cover electrical faults unless caused by physical damage.
  23. Damage caused during the move must be notified by email to [email protected] no later than 24 hours after the move.
  24. When booking our service you agree to the terms and conditions above.
  25. Our entire staff is experienced, efficient and friendly! Life is a journey. Move well.

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