Relocating on a Budget with Melbourne Removalist

Relocating on a Budget

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Want To Keep The Cost Down While Moving? Let’s Ask The Experts

Everything has been building to this – days of manoeuvring around stacks of boxes, the weeks of packing, the months of planning – it’s finally here. The day of The Big Move.

15 minutes before the truck pulls up and you have a coffee in your hand, feeling like you are pretty well prepared for whatever the day has to throw at you. Being super organised, you have all your boxes stacked up by the front door, because it will make it easier for the movers to get to them, right? Well, not exactly.

Opting for professional movers with the right provisions in place ensures that both your budget and your belongings are well taken care of. Ultimately, a well-prepared move, whether handled by experts or done with assistance, leads to a successful transition to your new home without compromising on quality service or peace of mind with Melbourne removalist.

Here are some invaluable tips on what slows movers down most on the job – and what you can do to avoid them.

  • Clear The Access Keep hallways and points of entry free of boxes, bags and other obstacles (such as affectionate dogs and inquisitive children).
  • Keep It Neat – Consolidate boxes per room into one pile. Separate general and fragile boxes wherever possible and mark each box clearly.
  • Box It, Bag It, Tape It – Keep loose items to a minimum. If it’s small, loose, delicate, fragile – box it. If it’s bulky and soft, put it into a decent quality garbage bag.
  • Dismantle Beds – Most beds come apart easily with allen keys or a screwdriver. Although dismantling and reassembling furniture is generally included at no extra charge to the customer, it adds precious minutes to the overall cost of the move.
  • Empty Drawers – furniture is not designed to be moved. Empty drawers of chests, tallboys and even bedside tables to eliminate any extra strain on the furniture.
  • Disconnect Washing Machine – Turn off the water first! We can’t say that one quickly enough. Unscrew pipes from washer and taps and store in the drum to avoid them going missing. If you are moving some distance and you are unsure of the terrain along the way, it is always a good idea to insert the transport bolts to the washer to stop the drum bouncing around.
  • Provide Your Own Packing Materials Some of the most effective packing materials can be found around the house. Raid the linen closet for old towels and bedsheets to protect valuable and precious items such as decorative glassware and tv sets.
  • Clear Out The Clutter – Avoid paying to move things you don’t want or need. Arrange a hard-rubbish collection for anything you cannot sell. Try Facebook or Gumtree to advertise sell-able items, or keep your karma in check and donate to charity.
  • Get A Helping Hand – Many hands make light work, as they say. Enlist friends and family members with the strongest backs and healthiest knees to help cart some of the lighter items.
  • Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – If your new home is a short distance away, or if you are planning on driving over with the moving truck, why not transport small, valuable, delicate or private items and let the movers do what they do best – move your furniture!

The DIY Approach

The temptation may be there for you to take a DIY approach, hire a truck and have a crack at it yourself – but there are plenty of risks to consider. If Uncle Brian drops your favourite antique dresser, does he have insurance to cover repairs? Does Dad really know how to assemble little Billy’s bed, or is Billy more likely to be a thing that goes bump in the night?

Sometimes it really is best to leave it to the professionals. Moving your house on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good service, or worse, your back. With the correct provisions in place, such as ensuring your hallways and access points are clear of clutter, and making sure your items are boxed up correctly, can save valuable time – and money – on the day.


Achieving a cost-effective move requires careful planning and organization. By following the expert advice provided by Top Removals experts, you can significantly reduce the time and expenses associated with the moving process around the Melbourne. Ensuring clear access points, organized packing, with proper packing material of delicate items, and enlisting help from friends and family all contribute to a smoother and more efficient move.

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