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You finally found a new place to move after years of searching.
Life is all good until you think about packing. It’s arguably the worst part about moving (for most of us). Not many chores are as tedious—not to mention annoying—especially when you struggle to find the sticky end of a roll of shipping tape. But it’s possible to pack up even the messiest house when you know the right packing hacks and tips for moving.

01. Boxes or Totes?

It can be a tough call to choose between moving boxes and plastic totes when it comes to packing. You can use both. For example, if you are packing items that will go into long-term storage, totes are best. If you prefer having an unlimited array of sizes for packing, boxes are best.
Boxes are Cheaper than totes, efficient to flatten and remove, stackable, more readily accessible and available sizes
On the other hand they fall apart easily (when wet, for example), can get crushed, can’t see through, need extra materials such as tape, can’t always reuse
Totes are Long-lasting, reusable, good for long-term storage, durable, stackable (for the most part), transparent
But also expensive, susceptible to cracks, caves under weight, heavy to lift/move when stuffed, depending on the design some may not stack well

02. Bubble wrap or linens?

Bubble wrap, who needs it?you can wrap your fragile items in your own clothes, linens, and towels. It knocks out three birds with one stone — it’s a convenient way to protect your stuff and pack your clothes, and it’s one of many ways to make your move more sustainable. Consider wrapping framed artwork in layers of sheets and towels and stuffing delicate trinkets inside socks. You can then stuff those socks inside your sneakers for extra protection. Roll lamps with dresses, wrap mugs and drinking glasses in T-shirts, use blankets and duvets to protect small furniture, and commission random clothes to fill and secure otherwise empty space in boxes.

03. Choose your size

One of the things you need to think about is the size of the boxes you need. Different sizes are good for different belongings. An important rule to keep in mind is that heavy items should be packed in small boxes, and light items can go in big boxes. The most commonly used box size is in the medium range so have more of those.
Here is a quick overview of the best size boxes for moving:

– Extra small for collectibles, tools and books.

– Small for, books, canned food, small appliances, kitchenware and collectibles.

– Medium for office supplies, toys, photo albums, general household items, decor, small appliances.

-Large for bulky and light items like pillows, linens, vases, comforters, board games and large dishes

-Extra-large for comforters and blankets, towels and big cushions and pillows

04. Hire professionals or not?

By all means, one of the main dilemmas is whether to move on your own or rely on the movers. Of course, money-saving is the main reason for this. Surely, you are capable of organizing, packing, and transporting your items alone or with the help of your friends. Nevertheless, we advise you to book professional movers. Especially because you’re moving for the very first time. Inexperience can lead to certain complications. In order to avoid them, let an experienced team of experts handle the relocation.


The packing capabilities of Melbourne removalists refer to their expertise, techniques, and resources when it comes to packing belongings for a move. Professional removalists in Melbourne have the knowledge and experience to efficiently and securely pack a wide range of items, from furniture and appliances to fragile possessions. They use appropriate packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, sturdy boxes, and padding to prevent damage during transportation. These experts are skilled at organizing and arranging items in a way that maximizes space and minimizes the risk of breakage. Their packing capabilities ensure that your belongings are well-protected and ready for a safe journey to your new destination.

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